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Surgery v. Skin Tightening for Neck Tightening

skin tightening for neck tighteningAs unfortunate as it may be, as we grow older our skin loses the elasticity it once had. Primarily caused by the loss of fat and collagen, our skin succumbs to the effects of gravity and begins to sag. One of the most prevalent areas this can happen is our neck. When the skin of the neck loosens, gravity creates folds and unsightly wrinkles. Previously, the only solution was a neck tightening surgery known as a neck lift where the skin is cut and pulled back. While this is still an option, there are non-invasive methods available that can help tighten and renew the look of your skin without using a knife.

Pelleve & Harmony for Skin Tightening

There are two methods to skin tightening recommended by Dr. Dayan’s team, Pelleve and Alma Harmony’s skin tightening device. These two technologies can improve mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles occurring on the neck, as well as mild skin laxity, or sagging. Both procedures are minimally invasive and are performed in an office setting. Neither requires the use of anesthesia.  Multiple treatments are typically recommended and each treatment may take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour to perform. Because these are progressive treatments, the improvement is seen over time. Although both methods aim to do the same thing, there are differences in their methods

Pelleve uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin thereby stimulating collagen.

The Alma Harmony skin tightening system uses near-infrared pulsed light technology, rather than radio frequency, to heat the deep layers of skin and promote collagen production. The Harmony’s function is also used to improve wrinkles and skin laxity over time. With the help of the Pixel laser for resurfacing or IPL, more dramatic results can be attained.

The pros to the non-invasive methods of skin tightening for the neck are the simplicity, the time efficiency, low-level risk, and the lack of downtime. However, most non-invasive methods are only for minimal to moderate wrinkles and lines. Although they work very well with what they aim to do, it’s important to know, for a large overhaul of the neck, a neck lift might be a better option.

Neck lifts usually aim to do two things: first, to remove excess fat from the neck and, second, to smooth the skin for a natural and healthier look. The first step usually requires liposuction. As the fat under the neck is often hereditary and unaffected by exercise and nutrition, liposuction is the first option to remove unwanted areas of fat. Once done, however, most patients will discover an excess amount of skin. The next step then is making incisions under or behind the ears and pulling taught the loose skin.

Recovery time for such a procedure is much more than the non-invasive treatments mentioned above. Recovery after a neck lift usually takes between 1 and 3 weeks. Within this time it is recommended to reduce your physical activity as much as possible. The more time you allow to recover, the better the results.

Whether you want minimal to moderate changes to your neck or a complete overhaul Dr. Dayan’s team can help. It is recommended to schedule a consultation before committing to any drastic surgeries so as to make sure you’re eligible and healthy.


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